Why Stereolithography(SLA)?


Gencast Design have been trying all sorts of 3D printing technology for our prototypes since the early days with 3D Systems around year 2000.


Due to our high humidity in Singapore, those early SLA parts would soften and go 'limp' within a week. We would quickly spray paint to seal the surface and quickly make moulds from these patterns. And yes, these RP parts were mainly used for making master patterns for silicon tooling. Because of it's weak structural body during the early days, nobody could use it as an actual production part.


But that was 20 years ago, and the RP parts are no longer just Rapid Prototyping parts, they have evolved into actual production part and more. 


We actually moved away from 3D printing parts around 2005 and moved into direct CNC machining on ABS for our prototypes. There was high demand for good mechanical strength and tolerance that casted PU parts could not meet.


That trend of CNC machining on plastic blocks continues even today but things are set to change.


Duch Group, a Chinese prototyping company just like ours moved into developing their own 3D printing machine under the brand name 3D ProtoFab.


Sceptical of their Made in China quality, Gencast Design conducted extensive evaluation of their printed part stability and machine performance.


The results are impressive and the parts printed have similar or better mechanical properties to typical ABS,PC and PP. Surfaces are smooth and hard solid(Shore D 85).


Gencast Design Pte Ltd with it's 20 years of product designing and prototyping experience has chosen to represent 3D ProtoFab printing system in Singapore and is appointed Sole Distributor from 8th March 2019